Our Quality Policy

To operate as an extension of our customer by blending cutting-edge automation with a heritage of craftsmanship…making product designs a reality.

Drake Enterprises, Inc. provides and maintains a Quality System which ensures that all products conform to customer specifications and contract requirements through:

  • Open communications at all levels of the organization

  • Providing a safe, clean, orderly and participative workplace

  • Development of suppliers sharing the same standards of excellence

  • Continual improvement in all areas

  • Continuously meeting or exceeding our customer’s quality and delivery requirements

View Drake Enterprises Inc’s ISO 9001:2015
View Drake Enterprises Inc’s IATF 16949:2016
View Drake Enterprises Inc’s ISO 14001:2015

Drake’s three primary quality objectives are:

On-Time Delivery       On-Target Cost       High Quality

On the Job Training Program

We develop our employees through a robust on the job training program like no other! To arm our employees with the best training, we hand select our trainers based on their ability to understand our customer’s expectations, while showing the ability to identify and react to issues that arise on the production floor with minimal or no supervision. These trainers must demonstrate that they are capable by consistently meeting our strict trainer guidelines before they are officially trained and then assigned a trainee.

Drake Quality Lab

Leveling the Playing Field

Employees new to Drake, or new to another department, are equipped with the knowledge and history of the product they will produce so they can identify and react to changes with confidence.

Drake monitors all levels of employees to ensure we utilize our team to the best of their abilities!

Supplier Development

Drake launched a supplier development program to monitor and react to risks within our supply chain.

Our objective is to spend more time developing our key suppliers, therefore reducing the risk to our customer base, all while developing a strong relationship with that supplier.

Supplier Excellence

It is essential to us that we reward and recognize high performing suppliers. When we are developing new projects, those suppliers with zero defects and on-time, every time delivery go to the top of our list.

Quality Team

Our quality team is diversified with uniquely qualified personnel, each with their individual talents that together encompass all aspects of the quality management system.

From the technology utilized in the manufacturing and inspection process of precision components to the management systems, quality and social responsibility are prevalent throughout our core processes at Drake.

Drake is certified to the latest ISO 9001:2015, ISO 1401:2015 and IATF16949:2016 standards; this filters from top management down throughout the operational tiers, leaving no team member behind!

Continuous Improvement

Passion, Problem Solving, Ingenuity

Innovative ideas fuel Drake. Innovation is at the forefront of our core values. We have an unwavering focus on improvement and optimizing value in every area of our business. Customers associate our name with unparalleled quality, creating solutions, and exceeding expectations. We are motivated by a passion to achieve peak technical performance and deliver exceptional value to our customers.

Our culture is grounded on continuous improvement principles. Individuals are driven to save time and cost, reduce waste, and improve quality throughout all operations. Our dedicated continuous improvement program provides training to all new employees and to develop root cause analysis in all daily routines. We further reinforce creative thinking and empowerment through our Cost Savings Improvement Program where employees are rewarded for individually developing CI concepts from the shop floor to the front office.

Our formal CI program was developed to benefit customers by improving costs, quality and speed to market. We pass significant savings onto our customers as we develop these efficiencies.

“Really partners with their customers to provide long term world class quality components.”

Supplier Executive for 40 year old Drive Train Component Supplier

“Quality is a religion and everyone’s business here at Drake.”

Keith Stemple, Principal and Executive Vice President

“We are actively working to create a new, healthy positive corporation so our legacy can be passed on to the 4th generation of Drake leadership.”

Nathan Stemple, Principal, President